everyday resistance

one of the biggest side effects of becoming more socially conscious, better educated on current events, and - ultimately - starting to care more, is the constant crushing realisation of how horrible the world can be. 

when you wake up to it, it's very hard to close your eyes again. and it hurts. it exhausts you, deflates you, disappoints you, enrages you. and, most days, it just feels like A Lot. knowing where to begin feels impossible, thinking you can actually make a difference feels laughable. 

but every small act of kindness, compassion, humanity, and understanding does make a difference. it's crucially, inherently, vitally anti-Tory, and it's therefore necessary. this isn't big protests, marches, tv interviews, magazine covers. it's everyday resistance. it's treating people like humans. it's helping in any small way we can. it's literally just thinking about other people, instead of just ourselves and our interests and us moving up in the world. 

here you'll find as many ways as possible to do this. articles that explain - in simple terms - what new thing the tories have done that you know you should be angry about but you're not sure why. it'll be downloadable shopping lists for the foodbanks. it'll be links to other vital organisations that are fighting the good fight. it'll be up-to-date, it'll be informative, and it'll be a revolution.