mental health

the introversion diagnosis

i’m sick of being called shy. people don’t make me nervous, don’t scare me, don’t intimidate me (much). for years i found myself being the embarrassment of others, found myself being apologised for - ‘she’s just shy’. for years i felt pathetic for not wanting to speak over others, not wanting to be the centre of attention, not wanting to go the party. and for years i told myself that eventually i’d grow up, get a grip, be charming and bubbly and the star of the show.  but i’m not shy. i’m just chronically introverted. talking to people doesn’t frighten...

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the regina george of mental health

raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimised by anxiety i should begin with a disclaimer that this piece contains a certain amount of self-diagnosis which, usually, i condemn above all else but that, after earning a psych degree as the culmination of 4 years of studying the diagnosis criteria for just about every neurological condition under the sun, i feel confident in doing. next up is a confession that, at one point, i would’ve been embarrassed by - but that, now, i realise is a pivotal concern in this nation’s understanding & handling of mental health. until probably this...

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roobs vs self-esteem

i promised a sneak peek of a new t-shirt design would be up on my instagram yesterday. for two hours i sat in my bedroom taking picture after picture after picture, ultimately feeling worse and worse and worse. crippled by how horrible i felt about myself to the point that i somehow thought i looked disgusting wearing a loose, non-fitted white t-shirt. the problem with self-esteem is that people who perceive you to have a comparatively 'better' body or face or hair or life than them not only resent you for not feeling good about yourself - but also actively...

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