grlclb's emotional engaging worksheet

hi friends,

as anyone who has been through a course of CBT knows, identifying and then engaging with, how we're feeling is one of the most important tools we can possess in terms of maintaining good wellbeing - especially with regards to our mental health.

but, as the majority of people have not been through a course of CBT, it's important to acknowledge, and remember, that this act of consciously analysing our emotions is not an easy, or natural, thing to do. for many of us, it feels entirely alien to attempt to do so but - especially at times like this - it can be a habit that makes all the difference.

this is not therapy, nor is it attempting to be so; it is an activity that we should all, where possible, adopt into our daily - or weekly - routines. people think of mental health as a pathological concept - i.e. all mention of mental health is in regards to a clinical diagnosis, a disorder, or 'something bad'. the fact is, we all possess mental health, in the same way that we all possess physical health. our mental health exists on a spectrum, and therefore continues to exist when we feel great - we're just at the 'good' end of the scale. putting in place the habit of engaging with how we're feeling is not a clinical measure, and it's not a treatment, it is simply the development of a good habit that we can all benefit from.

the following questions, therefore, are for your benefit only. they are simply a tool to help your own personal understanding of how you're feeling, and to allow you to act upon this if need be. 

the questions can be answered in a word or two, in a sentence, or in a paragraph, depending on what suits you better. there is no right or wrong answer, and there is no obligation for you to answer all the questions. 

there is also an accompanying 'big list of emotions' which can be found back in the main menu, and provides a word bank with 80 different emotions, that can be a helpful tool when faced with the question 'how am i feeling?'. 

if you'd prefer, you can simply copy these questions down into a notebook, and answer them whenever you feel the need to check in with yourself. alternatively, there is a link below to download/print the sheet. 

love & solidarity xxxxxxxx

if you want to download or print the checklist, the pdf for the file can be opened by clicking here 

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