grlclb's checking-in checklist

hi friends,

as though it isn't hard enough dealing with the direct fallout of a global pandemic - loss of loved ones, fear, job security, loneliness, loss of income, trying to pay rent, juggling childcare with everything else 24/7 - the impact of losing all sense of routine cannot be underestimated.

for those of us who live by strict routines usually - implemented by jobs, responsibilities, a social life - the sudden absence of this can be entirely overwhelming. it can, however, also be fairly insidious - that is, it can creep on so gradually & subtly that you're not really aware of it, until you feel the full force of its harm.

the sheet below is designed simply to help you take visual stock of how your week has gone in terms of taking care of yourself. it is not the case that every single item on the checklist is applicable to every person, nor that if you don't do everything that you're 'supposed' to do throughout the week, then you have failed.

neither of these things is true. i created the list, initially for myself, as a way to see - at a glance - if i have been actively doing enough for my own wellbeing. there is no obligation, shame, or expectation involved. i simply wanted to share it with you in the hopes that some may find it useful, and will feel better for consciously engaging with their needs.

there are two blank spaces at the bottom if you want to pick a couple of things that apply specifically to you. you can also, of course, simply use this as a template for your own version.

sending love & solidarity xxxxxxxx

if you want to download or print the checklist, the pdf for the file can be opened by clicking here 


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